Marsha P Johnson Thesis

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The Face of LGBTQ
Marsha P. Johnson… the face of LGBTQ, no matter how much she got harassed and bullied for being Transgender she would always help those in need. Marsha P. Johnson was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on August 24, 1945. She was mainly known for supporting and helping those in the LGBTQ youth community and participating in the Stonewall Riot. The P in Marsha P. Johnson stands for “pay it no mind,” which means to ignore others' comments about gender identity (Marsha “pay it no mind” Johnson). Marsha P. Johnson should be on a stamp because she was a very well known activist, helped those in the LGBTQ youth, and was influential in the Stonewall Riot.
Furthermore, Marsha P. Johnson was a rights activist. “Marsha P. Johnson along with fellow transgender activist Syliva Rivera founded the Street Transvestite (now Transgender) Action Revolutionaries (STAR) to help others out there facing the struggles of an unaccepting society.” Marsha P. Johnson created STAR to help people that were struggling for acceptance in their communities. The founding of this organization provided a home base for those in need. …show more content…

Johnson helped youth in the LGBTQ community. “I’ll always be known [for] reaching out to young people who have no one to help them out, so I help them out with a place to stay or some food to eat or some change for their pocket. And they never forget it. A lot of times I’ve reached my hand out to people in the gay community that just didn’t have nobody to help them when they were down and out.” (13 powerful Marsha P. Johnson quotes) Marsha P. Johnson always helped out people in the community that were in need. Whenever they needed food, water, clothing, or just basic supplies, Johnson would be there to give them what they needed. These were kids and youth that had no one to turn to, and for them Johnson was a guiding

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