Mass Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Small pieces of information pass thru people’s minds everyday. But, imagine if, a huge group of people flagrantly reacted to one of the tiny pieces of information almost identically. Mass hysteria is exactly that, a group of people reacting over something small in a huge way. Mass hysteria is mostly caused by media interaction and human nature. This is shown in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Although some people think mass hysteria is spread by human nature, it is actually spread by media because of the amount of celebrity exposure and the impact movies, video games, and music has on the world. Popular people like celebrities have major influences on the world today and with added social media exposure this is an even bigger problem. This is shown in The Crucible when the girls all follow in Abigail Williams footsteps, she “sees” something, they all do. She “faints, they all “faint”. Another example is the case of the “Fainting Schoolgirls.” After one popular girl fainted the rest followed suit. These two examples show that an eminent person can have an impact on mass hysteria. …show more content…

This is shown with “Pokémon Panic” in 1997 when an episode that aired in Japan caused twelve thousand children to have nausea and seizures. Another case would be ““Strawberries with Sugar” virus” which is when in 2006 a soap opera in Portugal had an episode in which the characters had a terrible disease. After the episode aired, three hundred children began to think that they had the disease as well. These examples just goes to show that some people do believe everything they hear or

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