Maus And Night Comparison Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay All types of art can be powerful forms of storytelling. The graphic novel “Maus” by Art Spiegelman and the memoir “Night” by Elie Wiesel shows the horrors of the Holocaust in an artistic interpretation. While both authors used a form of art for storytelling, “Maus” visualizes the gravity of the situation with comics, while “Night” leaves it up to the reader to create their imagery. To begin with, both texts can encapsulate the Holocaust with their artistic interpretation. The graphic novel “Maus” uses drawings to depict graphic scenes and horrible events. When Vladek is working in the gas chambers and has to burn the bodies of the gas chamber victims, Art Spiegelman illustrates “The burning of bodies, the corpses in flames, even some alive and screaming in pain”(72 Spiegelman Book 2). This drawing can visualize a horrific act by the Germans in Spiegelman's interpretation. Similarly, the memoir “Night”, though written in detail, can express graphic scenes. When Wiesel describes a child fighting to live after being hanged, he explains it as “but the third rope was still moving; The child, too light, was still breathing… lingering between …show more content…

In the graphic novel “Maus”, Art Spiegelman can visually show the horrors through graphics full of gore. When Vladek is describing the time when he was on the train, he visualizes it as “Vladek and all the other prisoners crammed together tightly within the box car. Corpses scattered across the background, indistinguishable from the living” (87 Spiegelman Book 2). This panel conveys the horrific inner imagery of the holocaust through the visuals of the dead bodies piled up on the train. It shows pictures of Spiegelman‘s visual interpretation of the cruelty. It allows the reader to see with their own eyes the holocaust, drawn

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