Mccandless: The Meaning Of Life

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You can read, you can sit for hours and think about what is the meaning of life what is my purpose of living. But you’ll never experience it if you don’t understand the beauty of life until you experience it yourself. Every person has their own beliefs, values, needs and desires and everyone has their own idea of what the meaning of life is. Many people have their own definition of happiness. McCandless wasn’t sure about what was his meaning of his life. He wanted to find himself, he wanted answers about who he really was deep inside him. Finding a meaning in his life was a challenge that McCandless wanted to approach. McCandless was living based on a set of moral values that influenced him to have a unique form to approach his goal. McCandless knew that he didn’t want his parents to dictate his life in that is really clear, because his parents were going to pay his career and his response to that was to donate the scholarship money he already had for collage. certainly …show more content…

Tolstoy was un of the largest influence on Chris because Tolstoy also abandon his life to pursuit of his own ideals and dreams, “I wanted movement and not calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quite life.” (Krakauer 15) Chris was shaped by the authors that he read about, the passion to living alone in the wilderness was influenced by Thoreau a man who believed that a man could come to find himself and a higher purpose by only living in the wilderness, his idea to go to Alaska came from London’s adventure stories. Each writer added some personal philosophies to Chris and by so he began to follow their examples and made it possible to get out of his comfort zone and began his own

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