Meaning Of Life By Harold And Maude

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The Meaning of Life What is the meaning of life? The majority of people have once asked this question. However, the inquiry of life is only a central idea that branches out to an infinite amount of questions. Without answering all the questions life derives, one can never understand what it means to live. Therefore, people are sometimes puzzled about the meaning of life because they don’t have answers to all the questions. In order to find reasons in living, some people confront a different question that directly reflects how they live their life. What is death – the afterlife or the absence of life? This question is much easier to answer than the question of life because nobody clearly knows what death is. It’s one of the questions derived from life yet it mirrors the question of life. Thus, People start to give explanations to death, and their perception of death dictates how they live. The method of pursuing an …show more content…

Harold, the protagonist of the story, fails to see meaning in living a superficial life as a high-class materialistic aristocrat. In order to reject his mother who often tried to shape his life, he carried out numerous horrifying suicides. He became so obsessed with death because he found pleasure in escaping a meaningless life. However, when he met Maude at a funeral, his life started to change. Maude taught him to enjoy life by living it fully every day. Maude’s carefree lifestyle influenced Harold’s attitude toward life as Harold learned to play music, dance and love. When Maude committed suicide, Harold told her that he loves her. Maude replied “Go love some more,” which signifies that Maude wants Harold to appreciate life like she did. At the end, Harold performed “suicide” one last time by driving his car off a cliff. He watched as the car crashes and walks away, playing his banjo and dancing. Like Forrest, Harold learned to accept death and moved on to appreciate

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