Reducing Medication Errors In Nursing

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Introduction Nurses are one of the most important people in the healthcare system. They handle just about everything that involves direct client care. They are also in charge of administering medication to clients under the order of the doctor or nurse practitioner. Sadly, the number of incidences involving medication errors are quite high. In this paper, I will talk about the numerous ways medication errors can occur and how nurses have a great role preventing them, in order to keep all clients in the healthcare system safe. Reducing Medication Errors in Nursing Practice This article touched on the countless ways that medication errors can occur. Medication errors are one of the most common sources of accidental harm to clients (Cloete, …show more content…

In the first article, the main focus is the cause of errors and what can help nurses to not make mistakes anymore. As a student nurse myself, I can relate and see the ways that these distractions occur. This article gave me an insight of what not to do and what I need to look out for. In Let 's do no harm: Medication Errors in Nursing Part 1, the article is more about the costs of medication errors and how it leads to the eventual loss of trust by clients in the healthcare system. It also talks about small ways that can contribute to making mistakes. By seeing the cost, it becomes easier to correlate how medication errors will not benefit the healthcare system, in more than one …show more content…

When I began to prepare and administer medication to my resident, it wasn 't much of a new experience. The one new thing I was taught about was the important six rights of medication administration. I had to research every single medication for the purpose and side effects of the drugs, as well possible nursing assessments that I would have to do before and after giving it to the resident. Making sure that I knew how the drug would affect my resident, as well as know how to administrate it, was extremely

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