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1. Write in MLA format all necessary publishing information. Peña, Matt De La. Mexican Whiteboy. New York: Delacorte, 2008. Print. 2. Provide a detailed plot summary including the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Make sure you include important events in the plot that influence the outcome of the novel or play At the beginning of the story 16yrs old Danny goes to National City to find and understand better his Dad 's side of the family. Danny already lived in a wealthy area and nice private school that 's white In San Diego. As a child his father left him and he never feels like he fits in he wants to find himself throughout the story. He goes to National City with his Uncles and Cousins and they go around the neighborhood and Danny meets people. Danny watches Uno and there friends playing baseball with a tennis ball. Sofie his cousin tells Uno to let Danny bat. Uno Throws 3 and Danny gets flashbacks and takes deep breaths. Uno throws another and BOOM! It goes over the houses flies right up into the sky and it was gone. He did it again and again. Until he does it and throws the bat and by accident hits Manuel in the face which is …show more content…

5. State the the setting and describe how the setting affects the plot and/or major character. The setting for Mexican WhiteBoy is both National city, and San Diego. Danny usually lives in San Diego where he is wealthy, but over the summer when his dad left him he wanted to experience the same his dad did in National City in Mexico. San Diego represents his mom 's side which she is white and National City represents the Mexican Side of him. Danny said he feels Darker when in San Diego, but pale in National City. In National City he goes with his uncle over the Summer to experience what his dad did. Danny 's main goal though is that he wants to find and even live with his dad. If you don 't know yet Danny doesn’t speak Spanish at all which without his dad to guide him he has to surpass multiple cultural

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