Analysis Of What's Inside By Avi

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How do boxes make decisions for you? If you read on you will see why according to the story “What’s Inside” by Avi. This story is about the narrator who had to make boxes for his school project. He had loved it a lot so he made two for his parents for Christmas. For the Christmas party he saw his cousin, Danny, staring at the boxes. So Danny was asking how he made them, but nobody knew why. Kids at school were not so nice to Danny. They thought of him as weird and told him to kill himself while handing him the gun.The next day Danny called to go over his house without his parents there. When he was there he took a gun out of his pocket. The narrator was in shock so he did nothing. Danny took the boxes put the gun in 1 and told him to shuffle them so he …show more content…

First of all, his cousin helped him out by taking the gun out of the box. In the text it says, “fast as anything, I dropped the gun into my bathrobe pocket.” He cared for Danny so much so that he acted so fast to get the gun away from him. At least Danny has family to help him out even with serious things like this. Another example is that his cousin called his mom and uncle to help. In the text it says, “I went out into the hall to the phone and called my father.” The narrator made quick good decisions. By calling their parents, he knew he was saving Danny’s life. So overall, Danny realized people did care for him which was family. Family is forever and nobody can change that. Through this story, “What’s Inside”, Danny shows us that he should have connected to family and not his peers. Like the narrator showed us that life’s most precious thing is family. This is because he knows family comes first no matter what. - Like the author shows us when he saved Danny from a near death experience. He knew he couldn’t live on knowing he let two boxes decide his life for him. So he did what any caring person would do to save

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