Reb Saunders Relationship Analysis

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In the novel The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, readers are introduced to Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders and the relationships between the teenaged boys and their fathers. David Malter, Reuven’s father, is a teacher and a voice of reason to Reuven throughout the novel. Reuven and David have a very close relationship that involves them talking often and questioning what the other is doing throughout their lives. Reb Saunders, Danny’s father, is a rabbi for Danny’s group of Hasidic Jews in their neighbourhood and is raising Danny to be the next rabbi for their people. Danny and Reb Saunders speak only while they are studying the holy books together and Reb Saunders has not spoken directly to Danny since he was four years old. Reb Saunders and David both have a different way of communicating to their son, they both have the same common goal to pass …show more content…

Reb Saunders is raising Danny in silence and has been since the age of four. Danny is being raised to be the next leader for his people, so Reb Saunders uses silence to teach Danny compassion for others. Reb Saunders wants to see his son become a leader for his people and he is overwhelmed with happiness when his son is able to show compassion to others. Reb Saunders says “My son, my Daniel has also become a man. It is a great joy for a father to see his son suddenly a man” (p. 281). Danny also has a great amount of respect for his father even though he has been raised in silence. Even when Reuven questions that Reb Saunders sounds like a tyrant, Danny defends his father by saying “He’s a very strong-willed person. When he makes up his mind about something, that’s it, finished” (p. 116). Reb Saunders wants to raise a son that will be the leader for their people and Danny respects his father for doing anything that he needs to do to accomplish that goal and they both love each other

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