Apikorsim Book Summary

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This book is about two children that grew up in New York City, and the Jewish faith but one a very fanatical Jew. The first character we meet is a boy named Reuven Malter he is 15 his mother died shortly after his birth he is apikorsim a Jew that does not live by the strictest parts of the faith. The other boy Daniel Saunders was very orthodox and hated apikorsim. These boys would never have thought that their relationship would blossom. These boys were scheduled to play against each other from their school baseball teams. There was very obvious tension between the two teams the whole time Danny’s team being full orthodox and Reuven’s the opposite. One of Reuven’s teammates commented that they were killers. It came a time late in that game …show more content…

He had a concussion and a shard from his glasses got stuck right on the edge of his pupil. His surgery was successful but he had to spend days in the hospital for close examination and care. While he was in the hospital he had met two people who impacted him a boxer Mr. Savo and a boy named Billy who was blind. While in the hospital his father brought him a radio so he could stay connected to the outside world, while in the hospital a battle which they referred to as ‘D’ day. Reuven also had a visit with Danny which didn’t go well because Reuven did not want to give him a chance. His father told him to talk to him that he needed a friend because he was special. The time Reuven was in the hospital they learned about each other and became friends. Reuven learned that Danny wasn’t allowed to read any secular books and his father would not like it (who was the rabbi of the Brooklyn sect of Hasidism), and that Reuven’s father had been recommending those books. Shabbat dinner Reuven asked his father more about Danny, his father used history from as far backs as the early 1800s of the first Jews in

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