Summary Of Chasing Lincoln's Killer

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by: James L. Swanson I will be writing about how Lincoln’s killer John W. Booth as he assassinated Mr. Abraham. His plans continued to fail, but he kept trying. John came from a long line of family with good fortune. John Booth was a Confederate it had been a bad week for the Confederacy. John said “(he would enjoy a stunning reversal of fortune)”. (Swanson pg.9) He could not stand another Union victory over the Confederacy. Mr. Lincoln had sat by the first and last president of the Confederate State of America. (John was willing to throw away fame, wealth for a promising future for the cause of his Confederacy).(Swanson pg.10) Booth’s eyes lit up when he heard that the president would be coming to Ford’s theater. …show more content…

There was another idea when the president was in his carriage to hold it at gunpoint and force him out. They ruled that out because they knew the president would not get out of the carriage. The second reason was that Booth’s henchmen did not want to do it. So he came up with the idea to assassinate President Lincoln. Booth gave everybody their task for the mission to make the Union suffer.President Lincoln knew nothing was about to happen but him going to Ford’s Theater to watch a play. This the night he was about to suffer for the suffering of the Confederate state. Mr. Booth knew that he was about to commit the crime of the century. He was going to the first ever to assassinate a president. Booth was about to put the Union through a crisis. So booth got his weapons which were a .44 single Derringer pistol and a Bowie camp knife with a razor sharp blade. It was going to be the end of the end of Abraham Lincoln life tonight. Abraham showed up late for play so the play started without him. When Lincoln’s carriage arrived somebody in the crowd yelled out. “The president is here”. Jim Booth wait walked down the hallway towards the president’s box and sitting there was his servant and his son. Lincoln’s son let him go through not knowing he was he just did something really

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