Hurricane Hoover: A Short Story

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After the car came to a slow stop, the three men exited the vehicle. BubbaJay said, “What we gonna do, boss?” In a complacent voice, the Boss said, “Let’s see if we can’t help them folks out.” Hiram was going to speak, but the Boss was already descending the hillside. The two got a good look at their boss. He was a silver-haired gunslinger. His mind was easily about to descend the hill, but body limbed a few steps behind his mind. As the boss looked at the family in distress, he was reminded of his own family during Hurricane Hoover. The house was barely holding up. The rained hammer the roof almost most as hard their last landlord for the rent. The Boss, his three brothers: Johnny, Jack, and his mother were huddled together for safe. He wasn’t sure where his father was, but he was mostly likely by the bottle. His mother said, “It’s alright, Jesus will save us. Our Lord will never fail us. We are safe with Jesus,” reassuring herself and the children. …show more content…

The roof hand more holes than polkadots on a Dalmatian. Cups, pots, and bowls covered the floor, in the hopes of catching water. However, the greatest casualty was the effect on his mother. She may have had a strong spirit, but her fragile body was not as resilient as her will. That year, 1919 was a bad year for the flu. She had a fever warm enough to burn anyone 's had. As The Boss started to talk to the family, his conscious returned to the present. There were six of them: the father, mother, daughter, son, baby, and grandmother. “We see it happen, He said to a man wearing a yellow shirt, with the blue parrot. He looked at Hiram. “Try their car and see will it run Hiram,” he said. While he was talking to the father, an old lady was looking at him, as though she was trying to remember the name of her own son. A boy said, “What’s the gun for?” A piece of his gun was protruding from The Boss’s back pocket. He ignored the boy’s

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