Summary In The Joy Of Nelly Deane

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Journal #1 While reading “The Joy of Nelly Deane” by Willa Cather. Nelly is describe as the prettiest girl in town of Riverbend and she was the happiest. Nelly seems to be free spirited and three of the women in this story was hoping she would go to their church and not the Methodist church. Everyone seem to like Nelly. Nelly and her friends are in a play called “Queen Ester” they have long practices took them three months to make it right. While reading this it seems that Nelly likes to flirt and have a good time. Nelly talks about how she is going to live in Chicago and get singing lessons and doing different adventure, she tells her friend that she is engaged but does not where the ring on her finger but have it on a necklace. Nelly’s friend moved to Denver for collage but found out that Nelly was teaching sixth grade in Riverbend school when she graduated. Nelly was going to marry a person named Scott during the springtime, she decided to join a Baptist church, and she was going to be baptize. The baptize was going to take place where Nelly and her friend did their play the next day Nelly’s friend went to see her and she seem sad. Another ten years went by before her friend visited her hometown and she sadden by the news that Nelly had left them two months ago and she had a little boy and she left them three days after. Nelly seem well loved, she was full of life, and everyone …show more content…

Nelly’s friend and Mrs. Dow were talking about how she was before she had passed away and they said that while Nelly was pregnant she was in so much discomfort that the new Doctor just out of school did not know what

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