Personal Narrative: My First Time To Mexico

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The Birthday
Around four-forty in the morning, a lady came to the Reedley hospital to give birth. That baby was coming on their way to the hospital but just on time to give birth, was in a room. The baby was very small and chubby but was truly strong and healthy. This particular baby was soon to be named after her father, Fernando. Fernanda had no problems whatsoever therefore her parents were grateful since there were many children in this world that suffer a great deal for their problems in health.
First Time to Mexico
After a long boring travel, we finally arrived to my grandmother’s house in Mexico. It was my first time going so I was astonished by everything and quite glad to see my cousins and family that i have never knew I had. A lot was different from my home up in California. There was so many little stores nearby and way more flavorful, delicious food like tamales and sopes. I loved playing around and exploring with my cousins which we would always get into trouble somehow. I adored everything about going except one thing that I hate and i feel disgusted by, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes were the only thing that ruined the best vacation I had. But after you get through with …show more content…

I got to go with my class for a field trip. I was a bit scared since i never gone to a zoo before. As we entered, I saw two huge giraffes. They were so tall and we could have given them leaves to eat. They had super long tongues. As we went on, there was more astonishing animals like seals and prairie dogs. We were separated into groups, so different groups got to explore more or less and so they don’t have so many kids to worry about. Our group got to get some ice cream after a few paths. The cones were huge and extremely delicious. Then after lunch we had to go back to school. It was fun and exciting learning about different animals I had never known they exist. Wishing I could have stayed for more time, we left and got into the

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