Milkman Identity Analysis

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Now that the names have been presented it’s time to connect how the characters' names play a part in knowing the characters' identity opposed from knowing their self. Ms. Morrison made it very clear throughout her novel how identity, and self aren’t the same. Also showing that just because someone has an identity that was formed doesn’t necessarily mean that’s who they have to be, and nor does it mean that one must partake down a certain road. First let's talk about the difference between identity, and self. Identity is what people see you as, and self is what one sees their self as. The “Dead” family name was gained by their white oppressors meaning that they don’t have that ownership of a name that trace back to their roots, thus meaning their original name, and history died.…show more content…
He’s a naturally privileged boy because he’s the only son his parents have, and he works for his dad. His dad always influenced him to go for the money, and stop whoever tries to get in his way. On the contrary he’s nothing like his father because he grows to know himself as a selfless, brave, loving, and independent man. Next there’s Pilate Dead the one with no belly button, Macon’s sister that sells wine, lost many loved ones, sings soulful songs, and protector to those she love. Some may see Pilate as weird, but the little things most don’t know is she knows American Geography, and Human Nature like the back of her hand. This alone makes her one of the most powerful women in the story because not only have she experienced the different ways of life, but she also is aware of the reason humans behave the way they do. Based on that Pilate sees herself as a loving, family oriented, helper, and role
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