Exploring The Theme Of Stereotypes In Milkweed By Jerry Spinelli

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The book “Milkweed” by Jerry Spinelli is a story about an orphan gypsy boy named Misha living through the hardships of World War II and the holocaust. Throughout the story Misha meets many people who help him and some that do not. He meets other people like him, children who are also orphans and Jewish people trying to survive the holocaust. The main boy who helped Misha in the book we an older boy named Uri who helped teach Misha to be selfless and help other people and how to lay low, to stay away from trouble he couldn’t get out of in order to stay alive. The theme of “Milkweed” is trust. In the time that the book takes place in its difficult to trust people because they didn’t know if the person would help them, do something to them, or turn them over to the Nazi’s. …show more content…

Because they trusted each other they were able to get through that time. The boy’s in the story trusted in Uri to keep them safe and if Uri had not done that they may not have survived very long in Warsaw (the town where the book takes place). The boy’s decided to trust Uri even though they had no idea whether or not he would actually help them. Uri was always there for the boys, but the boys were also always there for him, therefore Uri also trusted the boys to help him and to not turn him into the Nazi’s

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