Minimum Legal Drinking Age Essay

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Minimum Legal Drinking Age Have you ever tried alcohol when you were under Minimum Legal Drinking Age? 77% of American population opposes a federal law that lowers the drinking age in all states to age 18. However, there are people who truly believe that MLDA should be lowered to 18. Underage drinking is a risk that attracts many developing adolescents and teens. A huge number of them wants to try alcohol, but often does not fully recognize its effects on their health and behavior. Underage drinking can in many ways harm the health of a large group of citizens in the US. During the teen age, the human body is developing. So, the consumption of alcohol may cause huge medical, social, legal, physical, and academic problems. Making alcohol more …show more content…

During adolescence, a great number of changes appear in the body, including hormonal changes and the development of the brain. So, those teenagers who consume alcohol have problems with emotional regulation, planning, and organization. In one study, Brown and her colleagues evaluated the effects of alcohol on the short-term memory of teenagers (15-16 years old). According to the conclusions, “The alcohol–dependent youth had greater difficulty remembering words and simple geometric designs after a 10–minute interval” (Brown et al.). Besides memory and concentration problems, underage drinkers face growth and endocrine problems. As has been mentioned, during adolescence, hormonal changes develop, including increases in the sex hormones, estrogen, and testosterone. These hormones influence the growth and development of the body. Drinking alcohol during this period disrupts the hormonal balance necessary for normal development of organs, muscles, and bones. So, underage consumption of alcohol can lead to some serious issues, such as memory, growth, development, and endocrine

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