How Can Minimum Wage Be Disastrous For Americans

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Minimum wage helpful or disastrous for Americans Did you know that millions of minimum wage workers cannot make enough money to be over or at the poverty line level and are actually a lot more below it instead? There have been many issues on the topic of increasing the minimum wage from ten to fifteen dollars because it can cause inexperienced workers having a tough time getting or looking for jobs, families not being able to live on the minimum wage the way it stands now, and businesses not being able to create more jobs to hire more workers. For instance, an author named David Neumark believes that the effects of the minimum wage have a major issue that increasing minimum wage can reduce the numbers of jobs and pretty much screw over workers …show more content…

For instance, from the article “The effects of minimum wage” by David Neumark states that employers will try to keep away from low-skilled workers if the wage were to increase because it would cause them to be wasting money to train them; especially for students and high school graduates who are in absence of any work experience. With minimum wage increasing for the past couple of years it makes it difficult on employers who run small businesses to hire more new workers because they too are also citizens that have to pay their taxes and extra just to keep their business up and running. Such as the author Gina Kim who wrote the article “Minimum wage: helpful or harmful for small businesses” states that 85% of small businesses pay workers a bit more than the minimum to keep their workers interested in the job and they have to make profits out of their business to keep it on track. These businesses cannot innovate if the wage increases because then the labor market will pick up the prices on materials as well creating more of a problem for small business owners to keeping their company open for as long as possible and their solution would be to not hire a lot of employees. This pretty much explains the reasoning about how it will be troublesome for new fresh workers trying to just gain experience and get hard earned

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