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Minnie mouse – Dawn of cartoons

Minnie mouse was born in 1928 and starred as the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse in more than 100 Series and also alongside the Disney’s dog Pluto in some series. Minnie was celebrated as the second most creative works of Disney. Even today she is present at the Disney House of Mouse as a special appearance alongside Mickey.

Being one among the oldest of cartoon characters, Minnie won the hearts of many children and teens with her charm and exemplary intelligence. In the series Mickey mouse is seen often fighting with Mortimer mouse, to gain Minnie’s affection. As all children always wished for a happy ending, Mickey always won Minnie’s hearts in every series of Mickey’s Rivals.
Minnie has become a prominent and important aspect of the Disney world. Even today people who visit the Disney world are greeted by Mickey and …show more content…

There used to be a group of 5 friends who has different sets of abilities and colors; and they turn into power rangers when time needs them. These power ranger series has affected us throughout our lives. Everyone wants to be a superhero and we started running around with costumes and dialogues of our favorite ranger.

The series had great impact over our lives and it infiltrated us throughout our childhood. I used to collect posters and stickers of various rangers. My favorite ranger was Jack, the red ranger. He was always confident and knew how to react at the right moment. With him was the pink ranger, white, yellow and green rangers.
By then many board games and card games based on the power rangers’ series was in the market and we used to indulge in playing with it. We fought out imaginary space aliens, zombies and other enemies; lived the lives of rangers until we were reminded of our present. On the whole we should take time to thank the rangers for making our childhood into an adventureful one.

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