Barry Levinston's Sleepers And The Restorative Justice System

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The movie "Sleepers" directed by Barry Levinston stared four boys Shakes, Tommy, Micheal and John. The boys stole a hot dog cart from a vendor, while the boys were running away with the cart it slipped away from their hands into the subway station, and it accidentally crushed the man at the bottom of the stairs severely injuring him. Now the four boys are facing three charges mischief causing danger to life, mischief under over $5000 and theft. The Canadian criminal code outlines mischief causing danger to life as an indictable offence with the max penalty of life imprisonment, mischief to property and theft over $5000 can either be a summary conviction or indictable offences with the max penalty of 10 years imprisonment (Criminal…show more content…
This type of justice system is designed very differently when compared with the retributive justice system. The restorative justice system endeavours to bring the victim and the offender together and allow them to speak with each other in the hopes to support the healing process. It will enable the victims to express themselves to the offender and lets the offender apologize and express their feelings to the victim. The restorative justice system often offers the victims of crime closure. The system encourages both parties to reveal themselves to each other and develop a solution for the future to satisfy both parties involved. A study done by Criminal justice inspection Northern Ireland found the rate of recidivism went down when young offenders were diverted into restorative justice furthermore study concludes that people were often quite pleased with the outcome of the restorative justice(Restorative Justice Council,…show more content…
However, seeing all the factors that contribute to the boy 's behaviour and with the sentencing options available. There is an equal balance that can be struck while using elements of justice from both retributive and restorative justice system. The boys should be sentenced six months of probation with 150 hours of community service while being encouraged to take part in the restorative justice to sort of their differences with the hot vendor and the man they

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