Describe The Relationship Between The Mind-Body Problem And Controversy Of Dualism And Monism

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For the longest, philosophers had been discussing the mind-body problem. The mind-body interacts with each other in a phenomenon way that it’s difficult to explain with its subjectivity experiences between the mind and body. I will go through some of the most well-known problem and controversy of dualism and monism. Both sides will have their limitation and challenges in explaining the position of the mind-body perspective. In the end, the position with the most evidence will speak for itself, and I will conclude with my position that I think is far the best explanation. The view of God having a mind would assert His mind independently from a body since this God is known as an omniscient that oversees the universe and can interact with earth …show more content…

He asserts that the mind is distinguished from the body as having its substance. The body is made of matter extended within space and time. It 's a blob of matter that is observable, testable, and can react to bodily harm. Next, he has the mind as immaterial that is not extended within time and space but is consider to be a substance of its own. Further, when speaking about substance, we are talking as a substance that can exist independently of all other. "Ta substance is something which properties ‘inhere '; that is, it is what has, or instantiates, properties." (pg33) Since there tend to be two entirely different substance by use of time and space, we come down to Descartes’s view of dualism, and we the two not identical to one another. On the other hand, Descartes goes on the say the person is unable to access another perspective, and no one can 't access your mind or perspective, which mean that the mind is subjectivity. This is where many dualist retrieve their view and with the help of Scriptural text of the …show more content…

Second, this view of dualism comes from Plato from the mouth of Socrates in the book call Phaedo, on the last day of Socrates judgment that would be his execution. Here, Plato speaks about two world and one is consider to be where truth lies and superior then what we know currently. This high level source contains the highest knowledge, beauty and immortal that is unchangeable, imperishable and eternal. As we are in a body on this earth where we are able to know knowledge, beauty and truth, we are not close to knowing it with absolute. For there is a source where we know what we know about beauty and it should come from a place that is absolute for us to recognize it as beauty. Since the body is only a glimpse of something from higher source. We can’t comprehend what is most real, and we are chasing for these essences and not the essence itself. This is how the dialogue between these two philosophers as the wait outside of the court. Plato’s Phaedo will use an argument to support this view by providing the argument from opposites.

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