Montresor's Vengeance

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“The Cask of Amontillado” is a short, horror story written by Edgar Allen Poe. It features two wine aficionados, Fortunato and Montresor. Montresor being a man who seeks revenge upon the man who insulted him and Fortunato being the unsuspecting victim of Montresor’s vengeance. Although the main idea of the story revolves around Montresor’s revenge, Montresor's fake affection toward Fortunato, Fortunato's love for wine, and Montresor's hate for Fortunato prove that love and hate can be controlling in the decisions we make.
Montresor’s phony affection towards Fortunato gave Fortunato a false sense of security as he followed Montresor farther into the catacombs. This fake affection is first shown when Montresor tells Fortunato about the conditions of the vaults. Montresor states, “My friend, no. I will not impose upon your good nature...the vaults are insufferably damp.” Montresor acts as if he is worried the conditions of the vaults will worsen the conditions of Fortunato, who has already been afflicted with a severe cold. This action would have given Fortunato a more comfortable feeling towards Montresor. When one person shows concern towards another’s well being, it provides the other person with a feeling of comfortability. As a result of this, Fortunato does not think twice when asked if he wants to visit the catacombs. Poe uses a villain protagonist, like Montresor, “...who hate their enemies but whose hate becomes even more sinister and implacable because they mask it with signs of affection.” Montresor’s plan to kill Fortunato is even more horrific when he leads Fortunato to
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In “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allen Poe, love and hate are shown to be the two most powerful in this action. Montresor’s false affection for Fortunato, Fortunato’s obsession with wine, and the hate Montresor was possessed were all major deciding factors in how the Montresor and Fortunato chose to
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