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Introduction: “The Invisible Man” novel is a well written, exciting, mysterious piece of work. Just because a person looks, dress and speaks out of the ordinary is no reason to pass negative judgment. “I am just a human being-solid, needing food and drink, needing covering too-but I’m invisible” (57). It is about a scientist who gets himself caught up in his work and he becomes disliked by the townspeople. All he wants is to be by himself. He needs to set up a lab to develop a formula but everything turns wrong. “Wrapped up from head to foot, and the brim of his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose” (1). Walking around the town of Iping invisible, taking things that he needed to continue his research and survival, made the townspeople start wrongfully judging him. As he is forced to travel across town those who get in his way are tricked, harmed and threatened. Throughout the book this mysterious man is trying to get his hands on books and information, which should reverse his invisibility. He is betrayed by a man who he trusted. And in the end this betrayal ends the invisible man’s life.

Mood: The author did a great job in setting the mood of the story. The way he used his words, describing every chapter, every move and every person will make you feel that you …show more content…

He was not a very nice person to the townspeople, he was mysterious. The way he dressed and the way he would talk to who every was in his presence brought about questions. He was not well liked in the town of Iping. Starting with Mrs. Hall, all she wanted to do was please the invisible man but he was not nice to her. “Leave that hat, “said her visitor in a muffled voice, and turning she saw he had raised his head and was sitting looking at her” (4). The invisible man needed to perform and experiment to reverse his invisibility but things and people got in his way.

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