More Responsible Two-Party System

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In the essay, “Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System” it is stated that political parties are “indispensable instruments of government” (pg. 174). It emphasizes that the parties should be “agencies of the electorate” because it needs the public 's support. In other words, “the party system that is needed must be democratic, responsible and effective” (pg. 176). An effective party will be able to present and carry out programs that they propose. However, if the cynicism of the public and the ineffectiveness of the party system continues to escalate, the nation may eventually witness the disintegration of the two major political parties. The two-party system is an essential part of our national government because if “[reinforces] the constitutional framework within which the voter may without peril exercise his freedom of political choice” (pg. 178). Just as the essay, “Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System” emphasized the importance of maintain a two-party …show more content…

It emphasizes on the need of improving the party system to ensure that they are representing the public accurately. Unlike the Federalist Papers, this essay supports the need for political parties, since their role is to represent the public and having a two party system allow the public to have a choice between their political view, morals, and promises. The two party system also prevents the government from becoming hyperpluralistic and giving the public multiple positions to take hindering the progress of the nation. Therefore, I believe that this essay is informative and realistic since it acknowledges the existence of factions and, instead of presenting ways to destroy them, it presents information on how the public can improve the performance of the parties in order to improve the

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