Mother And Son Analysis

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Rainer Maria Rilke, author of “From Childhood,” and Alden Nowlan, author of “Mother and Son,” are both understanding of the fact that everyone has a mother—a woman from which each individual in existence was brought onto the earth. Through their literary works of art, their knowledge that the biological tie between mother and child is something that all human beings possess is evident, as well as their understanding that any further relationship past this biological connection is in the hands of each individual mother. “From Childhood” is an account of a mother and son rapport in which the mother is the driving force that stifles and smolders her child’s flame. “Mother and Son” delves into another relationship between mother and son, yet this …show more content…

Unlike “From Childhood,” set within the home of the mother and son, this mother-son-duo is at a party. This mother is persistent in taking her son away from his surroundings and reeling him in to her—keeping an eye on him is simply not enough. Nowlan writes, “The touch of her hand embarrasses him” (Nowlan, 390). Taking the term overbearing to new extremes, the mother is not content unless her hands are physically on her son. While it is completely normal for a mother to have protective instincts and to watch over their children, the level of overbearing the mother in the poem reaches is radical. This boy, paralleling the boy in “From Childhood,” is being smothered so much so that it is impacting his life negatively. Though some might argue that his attention induced embarrassment is typical of a growing child, context clues point to his mother’s overbearing nature as the direct culprit of his discomfort. The relationship between the parties of both “From Childhood” and “Mother and Son” are uncanny. But even so, the way in which the mother in “Mother and Son” acts overbearingly differs to that of the overbearing actions of the mother in “From Childhood,” thus giving this maternal relation its own place on the wide-ranged

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