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Volcanoes come in different sizes and shapes. There is a different kind of volcanoes in the world in different areas for example the desert or just normal grasslands. What I think of volcanoes is lava flowing from a mountain or that’s what I think. The volcano that I am doing is named Mount Shasta the fifth tallest mountain in the world! Mount Shasta last erupted in 1986. It erupted about every 800 years, but in the past it erupted every 600 years. The tallest mountain is located on the border of chile/Argentina called Ojos del Salado and the smallest volcano in the world is in Puebla Mexico it is called Cuexcomate. There is a lot of volcano in the world to big ones from small ones.
There is four different kind of volcano a Cinder volcano which is the most common volcano. A composite volcano makes up the world most memorable mountains for example Mount shasta or Mount rainier. A shield volcano are really big they look like shields above the lava pour is really thin, so it can travel a great distance down …show more content…

People say it is really easy to climb Mount Shasta because of their cross-country, however there is short approach and when you go higher up there is snow which makes it harder to reach the top of the mountain. Mount Shasta is a stratovolcano which means that the volcano is built up of alternate layers of lava and ash. It is the most Voluminous volcano which means the space is really big. It estimated of Mount Shasta volume is 85 cubic miles. There is 7 glaciers on Mount Shasta. One of them is called Whitney Glacier, the Glacier is the longest in california, also the only Glacier in california. It in cascades Mount Shasta is the second biggest volcano but it is the fifth largest volcano in california. Mount Shasta is formed about 8,000 years ago, however Mount Shasta is still active volcano it erupt every 600 to 800

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