Mrs Turner Cutting The Grass Analysis

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Mrs. Turner cutting the grass

As human beings, most of us are born to judge others. We cannot control our minds from thinking immoral of our fellow creatures. Does that make humanity evil? Not necessarily. We all heard the quote; “Never judge a book by its cover”, but is it possible as a human to live by that?

The short story “Mrs. Turner cutting the grass” tells of Mrs. Turner, who is an old lady living in Boissevain, Manitoba. When people look at Geraldine Turner, primarily referred to as Girlie, they only see an old repellent lady, with cellulite, cutting the grass and destroying the neighbor’s ecosystem. No one sees the story behind Mrs. Turner; people only see her appearance which is worn after a long and tough life. The stories that only the heart and the mind can tell. She has travelled the world, experienced love, death among many other things. As she put it herself, she has never been rich. She has seen the city of New York, the nature of the …show more content…

Turner has a rich life- at least financially. If you however look at the things she has experienced, she is filthy rich. Rich is not necessarily a good thing, neither when it comes to money nor life. Every time Mrs. Turner has met a new person, they have thought something about her, and has been prejudice towards her. The Saschers judge her because of the way she takes care of her garden. Again, Mrs. Turners intentions are good. She tries to take care of her garden and make it look nice in the spirit of her husband. The people that Mrs. Turner has met throughout her life, have had an opinion about her, and her way of living. Despite the prejudice, she acts unruffled, and does not care. Her ignorance plays a big role in her life. She cannot think the thought, that anyone would think a cruel or evil thought of her. Despite that, the Sachers wish her dead, or at least at some kind of old people’s home. This is a fact, but Geraldine Turner locks it out, and waves nicely while mowing her

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