Murdered Indigenous Women

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Part One: With a topic like missing and murdered indigenous women, it is a very serious topic. My research title will need to be a title that should discuss the hardships that these women have to face and also the fear that it implements on all indigenous women. Therefore, after careful consideration, I have decided that my title would be: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: The Forgotten Victims of Canada. Part Two: For this assignment, it is not really a black and white research question. Essentially, everyone does understand that the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women is something to be concerned about and yet it is almost never discussed. One would have to deeply research about the topic in order to see just how big this issue is. Yet Canada, a state that claims equality for all, does its best to …show more content…

During my research I had found that these women were more targeted as in the case of Pamela George (Razack, 2000). Pamela George was an Aboriginal woman who was brutally murdered by two men (Razack 2000). These men were given light sentences and George was never fully received justice. Instead George was just ignored to be another prostitute. But if you can see the statistics it is clear that George was not the only one. In the case of Robert Picton, a pig farmer, who had killed more then a dozen Aboriginal women (Oppal 2012). These findings show that although Picton was tried and received his punishment the media did not focus on how he had largely targeted Aboriginal women. This topic is essential as I find that these women are often ignored by the media, whether they are Aboriginal or not. These women are not considered to be worth the attention of citizens and some find that it is their fault and not the fault of poverty and oppression (Pearce). This would be an interesting topic to look into further for my research paper. Part

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