My Haitian Flag Day

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One early morning in a small village in Haiti. A future Registered Nurse was born. My beautiful aunt was born May 18th, the day Haitian celebrate Haitian Flag Day. Since that moment my grandparents knew my aunt going to achieve great thing in this world. My aunt has been an important and inspiring figure to me as she has taught me to improvise, to be more flexible and encourage input from others. To kick it off, my aunt was my grandma only daughter, she had four boys. My grandma was happy that she finally had a daughter to pass on her cooking skills to. Growing up in Haiti was rough for my aunt, she had to grow up without any father figure because he had travel to American and had left my grandma because they had their differences. Soon …show more content…

My aunt was overjoyed that she would spend the rest of her life with the one she love and raise a family of their own. Without delay, Rose told the love of her life she was pregnant and how she would love her child. . As soon as, she told him that, he was mad and start cursing her out. Rose felt like her world just stop when she hear all those things her was saying to her and their unborn baby. She was dumbfounded by this new person that was stand in front of her. After that, he told her terminate the pregnancy. Furthermore, he told my aunt if she the end the pregnancy he would broke up with her and he was talking about they are too young for a child right now. Rose felt like someone just stab her in the heart. After that day, my aunt never saw the one she thought loved her again. Next, telling her family was the hardest part. Rose’s mother disown her and was left by herself to care for a little child when she was still growing herself. She was sleeping outside for days before her grandparents save her and her unborn child. In spite of all this, my aunt never give up in life. My aunt taught me that life is not easy and be more flexible with change in your life

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