NIBRS: The Most Significant Weaknesses

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I think that the most significant weakness is that the NIBRS is one of the more detailed databases in the fact that it tracks for useful information like offenders with multiple offenses or multiple victims, however it is highly under reported. NIBRS was designed to improve the weakness that occur within the UCR, nevertheless if nobody is reporting to the database it cannot improve. According to Terry (2013), “Currently, police departments representing only 17 percent of the population submit data to NIBRS” (pg. 11). That is a huge weakness that only 17% report to NIBRS. I was talking to a couple of police officers about NIBRS, they told me they had never even heard of it and Phoenix is a major city. The fact that most sex crimes go under reported speaks a lot about our society and how women are viewed. There are so many myths and stigmas that …show more content…

I know that when I was raped and I told my dad about it, the first question out of his mouth was “what were you wearing?” (mind you it was winter and snowing outside so I was wearing a lot). Education is always important especially when it comes to rape culture. Marshall University Women’s Center (2016), Identifies rape culture as “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture” (para. 1). The attitude that women should not put themselves in situations or that what women wearing somehow encourages a rape, needs to be changed. Instead as a society we need to focus on not to rape, rather than how to prevent it from happening. Law enforcement is also an issue with the police department being comprised of mostly men it can be very embarrassing to talk about being a victim of such a heinous

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