Summary Of The Case Of R V Ewanchuk

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In the case of R v. Ewanchuk many issue surrounding the use of rape myths allowed for Ewanchuk to justify the reasons for him sexually assaulting the young women. This begins with a harmless interview for the 17 year old women who is applying for a job for Ewanchuk’s woodworking business where they were scheduled for an interview in his van, which then Ewanchuk who is interviewing her suggests they go back to his trailer “to show her some of his work.” Once they got into the trailer that is when Ewanchuk initiates multiple incidents of him grabbing her where ever touch is more intimate. The women tells him multiple times to stop, but he doesn't and she fears that if she fights back it would provoke a violent response.The women contacts the …show more content…

Rape myths are inaccurate believes that are widely held. They are able to provide people with a false sense of protection by undermining the severity of the action or even oppose that fact that its happened. “Rape myths underlie and fuel violence against women and inform the negative societal reactions to those who have been sexually assaulted.” (Du Mont & Parnis 102) When talking about the case of R v. Ewanchuk we can notice the use of rape myths in order to justify the act of sexual assault towards the young women. Mr. Justice McClung’s was the judge in this cases and had many myths of why this young women was assaulted. He stated “the complainant did not present herself …. [to the accused] in a bonnet and crinolines.” ( Du Mont & Parnis 105) As you see here already fingers are point at the women for not being dressed to a certain degree and that its because of this Ewanchuk had sexual assault her, Mr. Justice McClung also states that “Mr. Ewanchuk’s behaviour was an expression of romantic intentions … far less criminal than hormonal.” ( Du Mont & Parnis 106) In this statement we may not see the use of rape myths but this shows how he is trying to diminish the severity of the sexual assault and underline the fact that the women had made Ewanchuk’s hormones act a certain way. When talking about rape myths you will

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