The Case Of Gagnon V. Scarpelli (1975)

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In the case of Gagnon v, Scarpelli( 1975), were Gerald Scarpelli and his friend Fred Kleckner were arrested in Illinois, on August 6, for burglarizing a house. The officer captures the two and read them their constitutional rights. Afterward, Scarpelli admitted that he and Kleckner did, in fact, broken into the home and take merchandise and money. Upon his arrest, his probation office revokes his probation without a hearing. His probation was revoked for associating with a criminal and catching a new charge. On July 1965, he pleaded guilty to armed robbery in Wisconsin (Gagnon v. Scarpelli: 411 U.S. 778 (1973). (n.d.). Later, the judge sentenced him to 15 years sentences in the Wisconsin State Reformatory at Green Bay. Within three years they suspended his sentences given his a seven-year probation. …show more content…

Therefore, when there is a refusal for a counsel, then it needs to be stated succinctly in the record (Gagnon v. Scarpelli: 411 U.S. 778 (1973). (n.d.). Nevertheless, although the state is not required provide a counsel in all cases, but regardless if they are an indigent parolee or probationer, they are in need of a counsel to represent their case (The Findlaw-United States Supreme Court case and opinions, (n.d.). In the meanwhile, he agreed to the terms of the probation and a Travel Permit was issued to allow him to live in Illinois, in which he would be supervised. Therefore, on August 5, 1965, he was to report the Adult Probation Department of Cook County, Illinois. In addition, Gerald Scarpelli suggested that his statement was made under duress and was not

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