The Similarities And Differences Between UCR, NIBRS, And NCVS

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There are many different ways to determine and measure crime. UCR, NIBRS, and NCVS are just three types to differentiate, and each system has multiple ways of labeling crimes. UCR stands for Uniform Crime Report, and can be located on the governments website to compare how low or high crimes were in specific years. Uniform crime reports can be the most effective when determining part I (aggravated assault, robbery) vs part II (simple assault) crimes. Usually it is easier for precincts to send their reports to the state, being that they have more technology with determining who someone is based on fingerprints or ballistics. Starting in the 1930’s, the FBI were the ones who reported crime because they were at the top of the so called “food chain” with law enforcement. …show more content…

UCR and NIBRS are regulated and watched by the FBI, but NIBRS is watched more carefully considering it goes into much more detail than the uniform crime report does. NCVS (National Crime Victim Survey) had a total of 84% response rate, fairly well considering how many people do not report crimes that happen to them/someone else. According to the NIBRS official website, from 1980-2014, the year between 2005-2010 had the biggest number of people either in jail, prison, or on parole. As of right now, it is slowly decreasing back down. According to the FBI website for Uniform crime reports, this specific type of system is the most reliable and accurate when it comes to seeking information for crime around the city and/or state. Uniform crime reports are updated annually by the FBI website with the information received for that

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