Nature In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The significance of nature in Anthem is , nature is a place of the unknown it represents something that is to be unspoken of Just like in the book the people portray anthem as the “uncharted forest “. When people go into the forest they don’t return , they disappear into the “claws of the wild beast” . Nature makes equality 7-2521 think of things that are not “ as we look upon the uncharted forest far in the night , we think of the unmentionable times “. Also the significance of nature is it gives power. In the book the power of the sky is represented for nature “ we know not what this power is nor whence it comes.But we know it is nature, We have watched and worked with it “. The significance of nature’s power is shown in the …show more content…

Things that equality has never thought , or was allowed to do in the society of man.”We did not wish to move .We thought suddenly we could lie thus along as we wished ,and we laughed aloud at that thought .We could also rise , run ,or leap , or fall again”. This is an example of equality finally realizing that he was free to do whatever he liked without having to think about it or how it pertained to the equal society of man , in which he had left behind for the better power of nature .Another example of equality’s new freedom was when he , not knowing what is was , but learned how to hunt. “We stopped when we felt hunger. We saw birds in the tree branches , and flying from under our footsteps .We picked a stone and we sent it as an arrow at a bird. It fell before us. We ate it , and no meal had ever tasted better to us.And we thought suddenly that there was a great satisfaction to be found in food in which we need to obtain by our own hand. And we wished to be hungry again and soon , that we might know again this strange new pride in eating”. This shows that equality felty something new and that the newness that he felt that was infact from nature , was a better feeling than he had back in man’s

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