Choice In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem Essay “The secrets of this earth is not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them,”(52). Equality 7-2521 leaves for his own sake. He was told many things about the unmentionable times, not to go into the uncharted forest, and not to speak the unspeakable word,”I”. He grew up with his brothers as one and referred each other as “we”. Equality has a philosophy that should be adopted by everyone. He values individuality. He recognizes how important choice is and how it makes it meaningful life. The three main traits he portrays are being his own person, how choice is paramount, and, the importance of following his gut. To start, Equality feels it is important to be true to himself. He grew up in a strict community …show more content…

Even though he knew if he got caught for the things he was doing, he still took the risk because his choice to learn and invent was up to him and only him. He came forward with his invention because he thought he would make it in with the scholars. Equality didn’t have to come forward with it but he did, it was his choice. He also chose to break the rules. He broke the rules so he could do what he wanted to do. What he chose to do. Equality also broke another rule just to be with Liberty. Lastly, Equality follows his gut. He deliberately broke rules and he did it a lot. It started by learning about the unmentionable times when he found an underground tunnel and started writing. He then started to steal things to bring down to his tunnel. He learned more and more about the unmentionable times and soon discovers things. Equality also broke a rule with Liberty. They were never suppose to talk but they finally did one day and he gave her a new name. Finally, Equality decided it was time to stop referring to himself as “we”, and started to say, “I”. In closing, Equality soon realizes that his life's better outside his community. He can do whatever he wants and doesn’t have to follow rules. Liberty and him make a new home with each other and decides it’s time for a new name. Equality gives Liberty the name, Gaea, and he gives himself the name

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