Rules And Regulations In Anthem, By Ayn Rand

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Anthem Essay The city that is portrayed in the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand relies heavily on its strict rules and regulations. Some of these rules are put in place to protect the wellbeing of the citizens, where others are to prevent the citizens from living happy lives. In a way, every rule in Anthem is needed or has a specific reason however some of the rules are simply in place to keep away individuality. To begin, the city of Anthem has several rules and guidelines. Some of them can seem harsh and a little bit unnecessary. For example, there is one rule that prohibits citizens from choosing their own occupations. Equality 7-2521, the main character of Anthem, grew up dreaming of being a member in the House of Scholars. He was extremely intelligent and always eager to learn. Instead of being praised for his knowledge as he would be in our society he was scolded for it. Although he was capable of being a scholar, he was assigned the job street sweeper. Another rule in the city of Anthem is the rule against love. The rule is that you shall not favor one person over another. Equality breaks this rule when he meets Liberty. He falls in love with her the first time he sees her. Their love eventually leads to them running away and starting their lives together. After Equality sees Liberty for the first time he thinks “Liberty 5-3000… We wish to write this name. We wish to speak it, but we dare not speak it above a whisper. For men are forbidden to take notice of women, and

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