Rules In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Utopias converting into Dystopias Rules are going to exist no matter what world you live in, Dystopian worlds have their own laws which doesn't make them good but utopian worlds. A world without rules, a dystopian or utopian world? Does having rules make a society an equitable place to live? having order in your society only makes the place more organized In the book “Anthem” by Ayn Rand , the narrator named Equality 7-2521 describes the place where “they” live in a very strict place. The narrator as you may see doesn't have a proper name and only uses the pronouns, they , we, and them. Using “we” as a way to refer himself as a whole. In the civilization he lives in the world council has power of them all. The council decides what job they are assigned to, the name you are assigned to and it decides who you have sexual intorcose with in the mating house. There is very strict …show more content…

Regardless if the society is a happy or sad. At the end of the book Equality and the golden one decide to stay in the forest creating their own society. One rule that is going to be different than their past society could be that everyone is different but it's okay to be unique. That not everyone have to act and look the same . Sometimes controlling societies like the one equality used to live in make it seem like they are utopias. But the difference is that what the council thinks they are doing right like making everyone seem the same could seem like the right way to create a society. But the truth is that instead of being a utopian world it seems more like an dystopian world When equality and the golden one get in the forest they're starting barely new meaning that their society is going to be way different . just how two human beings can make a difference in the world they're going to demonstrate the oppoise and value individualism

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