Negative Effects Of Native American Imperialism

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Imperialism, "the policy where a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world", was a very common government policy beginning in the late 15th century (Merriam-Webster). A sub-category of the large term, imperialism, is colonization, which is where people from the powerful country actually go and live in the conquered territory. Europeans were the first to engage in this international activity, and some very large powers emerged, one of the biggest being Britain. Britain had many imperial relationships spanning multiple continents including Asia, Africa, and North America. One of their most impactful, both positive and negative, relationships was with America. The colonial relationship between Britain and the US initially had a positive impact on the British trade and political power, but negatively affected the Native Americans and Britain's finances during the American Revolution.
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These people had lived in North America for millions of years, but when the Europeans began to explore this newfound land, the Native Americans were treated as inferior humans who had absolutely no value. They were ripped from their homes, killed, or forced to move elsewhere no matter how it would poorly affect their lives. Though this did not negatively impact Britain, it was a huge negative impact of their imperialism as a whole. Millions of Native Americans were killed in the process of establishing an imperial relationship between America and Europe. In one instance, the British settlers purposefully infected an entire large native tribe with small-pox so that they could conquer the land of the natives (Burch). Native Americans were devastating negatively impacted by the imperial relationship between Britain and the

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