Nelly Dean And The Rebellion Against The Heirarchy In Wurthering Heights

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Nelly Dean and The Rebellion Against The Heirarchy Wurthering Heights rebelled against the belief at the time that servants are socially below their masters in the social hierarchy. Nelly, the servant of Thurcross Grange, proves to have more influence on the plot and her masters than many of those who are above her in the social hierarchy. The interdependence among the masters and the confided servant Nelly is an important part of Emily Brontë 's novel Wurthering Heights. Although Nelly is only a help to the other characters, she proves to have a strong influence on her masters and the decisions they make throughout the story. Like many novels during the Victorian era, the wealthy masters and mistresses were the key characters of their stories. They were the characters that dictated the plot, the romances, and how the story concluded. Servants and nannies are supplemental to the plot, but have no big purpose besides acting as an aid to the main characters (as they would in real life). Wurthering Heights, however, reverses this ideology and casts a servant as a character essential to major decisions in the story, "The reader of Wuthering Heights is made continually aware of the existence of servants in both households through references to the sundry tasks they perform."(Tytler) Characters such as Isabella, Catherine and Cathy all confide and correspond with their nurses about their important decisions and elopements. "Not that this is by any means unusual in a novel

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