International Relations Project On Nelson Mandela

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International relations projects on nelson Mandela
To be submitted by :21st February Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
The life story
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a south African born on the 18th July 1918 , in Mvezo, a small village by the banks of river Mbashe in the district of Umtata the capital of Transkei (the eastern region of the present day eastern cape province) .Mandela was born into the popular Thembu royalty . His mother, Nonqaphi Nosekeni , was the third wife of his father Galda Henry Mpakhanyiswa who was the head of the mvezo are , counsellor of thembuland’s .
When Mandela was two years of age his father Gadla henry was charged with insurbordination by a local white magistrate for disobeying his
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In the early 1934 ,at the age of sixteen , an initiation/ritual was arranged in order for the young Mandela and other adolescence to be regarded as men. Mandela quoted in his autobiography (the long walk to freedom) “when I was sixteen, the regent decided that it was time that I became a man . in xhosa tradition , his is achieved through one means only : circumcision. In my tradition, an uncircumcised male can not be heir to his fathers wealth , can not marry or officiate in tribal rituals. An uncircumcised xhosa man is a contradicton in terms , for he is not considered a man at all , but a boy. Soon after the initiation Mandela was sent to Clarke bury boarding institute , a co-educational Methodist secondary school , Mandela obtained his middle school diploma from clarkebury in two years rather than 3 years as usual. In 1937 at the age of nineteen Mandela joined Healdtown the Wesleyan college in fort Beaufort . At Healdtown youths from, xhosa such as mandela as well as youths from neighboring communities, were trained to become “black Englishmen “ ( his own phrase ). At healdtown , Mandela enjoyed extracurricular activities like the different varieties of sport and he even excelled in long distance running in…show more content…
Mandela qualified as an attorney in the same year he became a political presence. In that same year he joined with Fort Hare graduate Oliver Tambo in august 1952 in establishing south Africa’s first black-owned law firm , located on fox street in downtown Johannesburg, he came to be well known for his confident and theatrical performances in court, which turned the busy legal practice into a commercial success. In the event of a political case , as many contemporaries noted, Mandela put effort to reconcile his tendency to gravitate to an aloof if in a commanding position with his conviction that a leader should be identified with his people’s interest, this duality epitomized in his 1950s so called m-plan or Mandela-plan (an African National Congress strategy, devised largely by Mandela of organizing its membership into cells; as a means of ensuring the continued existence of the organization, in the situation of the organization being banned ) Mandela always claimed responsibility or introducing the plan
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