New Jersey Online Casinos: History, Promo Codes

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Evolution of New Jersey Online Casinos- History, Regulations, Promo Codes

It would be hard to imagine gambling online 20 to 30 years ago. These days it is hard to imagine life without a Smartphone always connected to the Internet. The online world has progressed way beyond using the Internet for simple research work, buying over the Internet or conduction business or other kinds. There are several other entertainment services now available online, from playing fancy games that require a decent computer configuration to simply having fun playing casual games. In addition to this, the Internet has also been a boon for the gambling Industry. The world of online gambling is a billion dollar business now.

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Hence it is no big surprise that the many different gambling websites have similar playing interface.

First form of online Gambling
Online casino is believed to be the first form of online gambling. A fully functional online casino is believed to have been developed by a firm called Microgaming that offered the game of real money online casino. However, as it so happens there are several others firms that also claim to have create the first gambling game online and it is not quite clear which was first.

There were two firms that played a vital role in the popularity of online gambling. Intercasino and Microgaming were two firms that entered into the world of online gaming at the early stage that still exist and are going strong. Their main field of contribution was the technology behind online gaming as well as the financial system to process the customer transactions.
As time went by, online gambling became more popular. With the introduction of video, the players could even watch live videos of the dealers and croupiers. This boosted their popularity even further. The next stage of evolution was the mobile devices like tablets and mobile

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