New Telling In Beowulf

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Beowulf a New Telling

It was a dark and stormy night at hall Heorot. There was a creature from the fen he was slimy and had no goodness in him and left a trail of blood. He crept into hall Heorot and devoured thirty of King Hrothgar's soldiers. When the king woke up his hall was covered in blood. Beowulf is the story of a hero who fights for good and uses his strengths and not his weaknesses. The story of Beowulf a new telling is about Beowulf a hero fights the battle between darkness and light. The story begins when Beowulf hears about how Grendel attacked hall Heorot and travels there to kill Grendel. He kills Grendel without a sword and using only his bare hands and with all of his goodness he kills Grendel. Then a great feast is …show more content…

Unferth was furious at Beowulf because he thought Grendel was a beautiful creature and when Beowulf saw him like this he offered him a drink but Unferth yelled at Beowulf you killed Grendel. Then “She” Grendel’s mother went to hall Heorot and took Unferth with her after Unferth killed Hrothgar's friend Asher. Beowulf then went to then fen to find Grendel's mother’s home the fen and while doing so he found Unferth's head hanging from a tree by the fen and told his men to bury it . He then dove into the fen and fought Grendel's mother. He killed her and returned home with Grendel's head because he had tried to escape to the fen after losing his arm but died from blood loss. Then Beowulf returned to his home where after time he finally accepted becoming king. Then a fire

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