Night By Eli Wiesel Analysis

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“Night” is a memoir from Eli Wiesel. Elie writes about how the holocaust was a horrible period of punishment and torture for many who were disfavored, especially the Jews, and that one of these Jews was himself. He wrote “Night”, based on his life in the ghettos and extermination camps during the holocaust. All throughout the story he displayed many traits. Eli is very significant because he was able to live and tell about the holocaust. In the story “Night” Eli displays himself in three traits, Eli was devout at first, he also had fortitude, and thoughtful determination.

The first trait that Eli displays is that he was devout at the start of the Night story even though at the end he still believed in God, he just lost hope for God’s grace, He was frequently involved in something religious. An example, “I continued to devote myself to my studies. By day, the Talmund, at night, the Caballa.”(18). That began changing after the …show more content…

One Example, in the text it states, “I repeated to myself: “Don’t think. Don’t stop. Run.”(92). This quote proves that he tried to encourage himself not to give up, even when everybody would have gave up. There was likewise a time when he had an injury and had to run “Because of my painful foot, a shudder went through each step. A few more yards, and that will be the end” (92). If Elie stopped, he would’ve just died. So he had to continue, even with the throbbing pain. During the holocaust it was really difficult to have this kind of fortitude that Elie had, and if he didn’t have it he wouldn’t have been able to live and tell the story we hear today. Elie was determined to stay alive for his father so he could be faithful to him. This shows that even when Elie just wanted to give up because of the events he had to go through, thus it is clear that one of Eli’s traits was

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