Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Assignment C There is much more to art than what one sees at first glance. In the last two weeks reading assignments I have learned that there is much more to art than nicely arranging colors and shapes to create a scene for someone to enjoy. Not only in the color important but the intensity, position, size, direction, pattern, and texture all add to the experience of studying art. I had known of these concepts before but know have a much more profound understanding of them that will allow me to but understand and interept ideas that an artist is trying to portray in his piece. In this assignment, I have chosen to analyze the two art pieces that I liked the most. The first is Hay Making, by Jules Bastien-Lepage, and the second is Thanatopsis, by Asher Brown Durand. Both pieces are take place in nature, and it is because of this that I enjoy them more so than others. To me being out in nature is …show more content…

I have always wanted to be a good artist but feel like I do not have the skill set to be one. With that being said, to me any piece of work seems skilled as no matter how hard I try I am unable to even draw the simplest of picture. I do consider representational art a very hard task to perform, as task that only skillful artist would be able to achieve. This piece I truly enjoy, it reminds me on the times I have been on hikes or in the open country and have sat underneath a tree to relax and enjoy the scenery. The only issue I have with the picture is the expression on the girl’s face. I have I have two interpterion on what the expression might be. First is that she might had have been lay down also but sat up due to her remembering an important prior arrangement she might have had that was forgotten about. The second is that she is just is a blank gaze daydreaming looking off into the open fields in front of her. Which one it might be, I probably will never

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