Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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Answer1: When the transmission speed of ten megabits per second, the broadcast time of nine bits / 8x106 bits / second = 1 microsecond a large solitary byte. A good bit in connection with the 200 meters during optical fiber offers a large propagation time involving 200 meters / 2x108 meters / second = 1 microsecond. And so the area associated with 500 bytes requires 501 microseconds to arrive definitely with the recipient. On the right, guess this transmission windows are usually filled from the receiver while the object has a good segment. Time scale below is usually within- Station A sends its very first facts part at t = 0. Station B possesses 6000 bytes to send, and who sends his first facts part from t = 2 ms. The most important feature associated with the problem is that acknowledgments are usually delayed more time by the very long segments sent from B to A. Answer2: a. …show more content…

RTP is generally obtained extensively through communication and entertainment systems. It requires streaming media, including telephony, video teleconferencing applications online TV services and web-based features push-to-talk. RTP was developed from transport working group audio-video work www engineering work (IETF) and primary composite with RFC 1996. As 1889, replaced from RFC 3550 in 2003. Most text through its memorandum is generally identical to power RFC 1889 where it becomes obsolete. There is simply no changes in the formats of packets to the wire alone changes to the rules and algorithms that govern the usage of protocol. The most significant change may be an improvement towards scalable timer algorithm belonging to calculate any time to send RTCP packets in order to minimize the transmission rate in excess of the developed While many participants log on to a session

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