Nt1310 Unit 1 Study Guide

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1. Cell Membrane - A cell membrane in a cell is like the turnstiles and gates of a baseball stadium. The cell membrane is selectively permeable and the turnstiles or gate only let people with a ticket into the stadium 2. Cell Wall - The cell wall in a cell is just like the support beams of a baseball stadium. The cell wall gives the cell structure and so do the beams of the stadium. 3. Mitochondria - The mitochondria in a cell is like the crowd at a baseball game. The mitochondria gives the cell energy just like the crowd does at a baseball game. The crowd gets the players pumped up by cheering and yelling. 4. ER - The ER in a cell is responsible for guiding and transporting proteins to the golgi. In baseball the base path guides the player around the bases and towards home plate. This is …show more content…

Golgi - The golgi packages and delivers items out of the cell. The golgi is just like a pitcher in baseball. The pitcher gets the ball from the catcher and then delivers it to the batter. The pitcher delivers the ball the golgi delivers items out of the cell. 6. Ribosomes - In a cell ribosomes make proteins and they pretty much just float around in the cytoplasm. In baseball players roam the field and they make plays, by catching the ball or throwing the ball to a base for an out. Ribosomes make proteins and baseball players make plays. 7. Cytoplasm - The cytoplasm in a cell hold the organelles in place and fills the extra space in a cell. Cytoplasm is just like the seats in a baseball stadium. The seats hold the crowd in place during the game. 8. Lysosomes - Lysosomes help the digestive process. They contain enzymes that speed up the process and help digestion of food and other materials. Lysosomes are like mitts in baseball. Mitts allow the player to engulf or take in the ball faster and easier. 9. Cytoskeleton - The cytoskeleton gives the cell its shape. The cinder blocks and other building materials in the stadium give the stadium its shape and

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