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1. The sampling frequency of the following analog signal, s(t)=4 sin 150πt+2 cos 50πt should be, a) greater than 75Hz b) greater than 150Hz c) less than 150Hz d) greater than 50Hz 2. Which of the following signal is the example for deterministic signal? a) Step b) Ramp c) Exponential d) All of the above 3. For energy signals a) The energy will be finite and power will be infinite b) The energy will be finite and power will be zero c) The energy will be zero and power will be infinite d) Both energy and power will be finite 4. The unit step signal u(n) is delayed by 3 units of time is denoted as, a) u(n+3) = 1 ; n≥3 = 0 ; n0 7. Which of the following system is causal a) h(n)=n(0.5)n u(n+1) b) y(n)=x2(n)-x(n+1) c) y(n)=x(-n)+x(2n-1) …show more content…

Two parallel connected DT systems with impulse responses h1(n) and h2(n) can be replaced by a single equivalent DT system with impulse response, a) h1(n)*h2(n) b) h1(n)+h2(n) c) h1(n)-h2(n) d) h1(n)/h2(n) 11. Sectioned convolution is performed if one of the sequence is very much larger than the othernn in order to overcome, a) Long delay in getting output b) Larger memory space requirement c) Both a and b d) None of the above 12. In overlap save method, the convolution of various sections are performed by, a) Zero padding b) Linear convolution c) Circular convolution d) Both a and b 13. If x(n) is N1 point sequence, if y(n) is N2 point sequence, if rxy (m) is the correlation sequence starts at m=m1, then the value of m corresponding to last sample of rxy (m) is a) b)c)d) 14. For a system, y(n)=nx(n), the inverse system will be, a) y(1/n) b) y(n)/n c) ny(n) d) n-1y(n) 15. The evaluation of correlation involves, a) Shifting, rotating and summation b) Shifting, multiplication and summation c) Change of index, folding and summation d) Change of index, folding, shifting and multiplication 16. Z-transform of x(n)=δ(n) a) -1 b)0 c)1 d) None of the above 17. Z-transform of x(n)=-u(-n-1) a) 1/(1+z-1) b) 1/(1-z-1) c) (1+z-1) d)

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