Study Guide: Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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Carlos Lopez Mrs. Wilson/ Mr. Velasco AP Language and Composition 08/07/17 “Incidents in the life of a slave girl” Study guide 1)Linda's grandmother shames Dr. Flint by obtaining her freedom when Dr. Flint stated that he would deny her promise of being fre. 2) She states this because the free women have no idea of what the slaves have to go through on a new year compared to the free women. She is stating that new year's is the day that the slaves are auctioned off to new masters and are forced to leave their families, friends and lovers. 3) Many men that were slaves often felt oppressed by their masters, but Benjamin did not want to feel oppressed. His first instance of feeling like a man came when him and his master fought and he took him down. He then truly felt like a man when he escaped to a better life. 4) It can either be …show more content…

Durham. Linda wonder if she knows because she might treat her differently if she found out if she hasn’t already. 24) Linda’s biggest complaint against Mrs. Hobbs is that she still treats Linda’s daughter as a slave, going on to say that she will be a nice maid in the future even though they are located in the free states. 25) The letter states that they sympathize for her situation and they encourage her to come home to be happy or she can have the option to have her freedom bought by anyone that she chooses in the community. She did not believe that a Flint child could have written it because she recognizes the writing style of Dr. Flint himself. 26) She had arrived at the Pavilion with about 30-40 nurses and when it came to sitting, there was only one chair left. Linda decided to sit Mary on her lap when a young man told her to get out of her set and for her to stand. She responded by not saying anything and refusing to go to the table. “However, I said nothing. I took the child in my arms, went to our room, and refused to go to the table again” (Jacobs

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