Softball History

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Smack! That 's the sound the fastball makes when it hits the catcher 's glove. People all around the world enjoy this softball. Let 's head to the dugout and play ball. Softball has a lot of fasinating facts about the history. First of all, the earliest known softball game was played in Chicago Illinois on Thanksgiving day in 1887. It was at the Farragut boat club to hear the win of the Yale and Harvard football game. When the announcer revealed the score, the bets were settled a Yale graduate picked up a boxing glove and threw it at a Harvard fan. Then the harvard fan picked up a stick and swung at the boxing glove then George Hancock, the person invented softball called out “play ball” and the game began with a boxing glove playing as a …show more content…

But there also important in other ways too. For example another reason they 're important is so then then you you stay in that area and if the ball goes way over to the other side you don’t run after the people over there will get it. Some of the positions are pitcher,catcher,first basemen, second base men, and third base men. There is many more positions though too like right field center field and left field. There is a lot of positions that are important to the game. Equipment is important too. Not having equipment is like not having anything to do cause you need to be safe and you need stuff to hit, catch and play the game. For example some of the stuff you need is a ball so you can play. A coach so you know what you 're doing also players so the game can go on and you are actually playing someone. Another thing is catcher 's equipment so the catcher does not get hurt with the ball. Another piece of equipment you need is a field so you have somewhere to play. Last but not least you need a glove so you have something to catch with and so you don’t hurt your hand when you catch the ball. That’s why equipment is so important. In conclusion I hope you learned a lot and maybe you can play softball some day too. To learn more go Wikipedia/softball . When you grow up maybe you’ll be online because of your awesome ability to play

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