Oberon In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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Oberon the fairy is to blame for the conflict of Mid Summers nights dream. You might be wondering why Oberon? He is an incautious fairy that will do whatever it takes to get the Changeling boy from Titania, and enjoys the company of his servant Puck. Oberon is the root of all problems because Oberon intermeddles in other people 's lives, and tries his hardest to get his way in conflicts of the story. First of all, Oberon intermeddles in other people’s lives. For instance, after when Puck leaves to find the love flower Oberon overhears the conference between two Athenians in which he states ”who comes here? I am invisible;/And I will overhear their conference.” (Act 2, Scene 1, 186-187). This quote shows how Oberon’s has little boundaries
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